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I am a professional a/c tech. Was asked to install a sensi thermostat made by Emerson.

There were NO installation instructions with the tstat(wiring diagram and configuration details are different for each make and model). Called Emerson tech support, the person required my name and phone number, could not tell me where to get the technical information needed, wanted to talk me through the install( poor English and had never installed a tstat in the field).

The short version; Emerson wanted a trained monkey to do a professional install instructed by a novice reading a computer app??????? The Honeywell works great, cost less, came with instructions.

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That's odd because I purchased a Sensi Thermostat to test it before replacing every one of the thermostats in my house. The original purchase was before Emerson acquired the company that manufactures them and mine came with quite clear instructions in the box.

I liked it enough that I bought 2 more to replace the rest of the thermostats in my house so they would all match and could be used to control the different zones in the house. My child had no issues installing the one in his room without my assistance.

to Janelle #1403697

Note: the other 2 Sensi Thermostats were purchased after Emerson acquired the Sensi brand. Packaging and contents there of were almost exactly the same. The only difference was the addition of the Emerson logos.

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